Pork Scratchings - Variety Pack | 14 x Packs

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    Pork Scratchings Variety Pack - 14 Packs

    • 2 x 70g Traditional

    • 2 x 70g HOT Hoggs! Habanero 

    • 2 x 70g GARLIC Hoggs! 

    • 2 x 70g Chorizo Flavour Hoggs!, 

    • 2 x 35g Scourching Hoggs! Ghost

    • 2 x 70g Salt & Vinegar 

    • 2 x 70g Salt & Black pepper 

    Genuine traditional pork rind cooked and traditionally seasoned to perfection, succulent and mouth-watering and a fantastic CRUNCH!

    Just what you need with a great pint or two.

    Go on treat yourself, you know you want too!

    Ingredients: Pork rinds, edible oils, salt, flavour enhancer E621 & vegetable protein. 

    HOT Hoggs!  
    Ingredients: Pork rinds, edible oils, salt, chilli powder, flavour enhancer E621, dextrose, habanero chilli powder, red pepper, spice, hydrolysed vegetable protein, Acidity regulator E626, spice extract & paprika extract. 

    Garlic Hoggs!
    Ingredients: Pork rinds, edible oils, salt, Garlic, Onion, Anti Caking Agent E551, Flavour enhancer E621, Rusk (Contains Gluten from Wheat) & vegetable protein. 

    Chorizo Hoggs!
    Ingredients: (Chorizo style seasoning) Pork rinds, edible oils, RUSK (fortified wheat flour(calcium carbohydrate, Iron, niacin, thiamine) Gluten, salt, raising agent E503(ii) Flavour enhancer E621, Dextrose, smoked paprika, Spices (Cayanne, white pepper), Garlic powder, Yeast extract, natural flavouring, & paprika extract. 

    Scorching Hoggs!
    Ingredients: Pork Rinds, Edible Oil, Bhut Jolokia, Salt, Flavour Enhancer E621, Vegetable Protein 

    Salt & Vinegar
    Ingredients: Pork rinds, edible oils, Dextrose, Acidity regulator E262, salt, flavour enhancer E621 & Acid E330. 

    Salt & Black Pepper
    Ingredients: Pork rinds, edible oils, Sea Salt, Rusk (contains wheat flour GLUTEN) salt, raising agent E503(ii), flavour enhancer E621, Yeast Extract , Spice (Black Pepper), Dextrose, Flavouring (paprika)contains colouring e160(c), Malt extract & Paprika extract. 

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